Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Scrubs, Natch

Gina: Aw, RIGHT!! Two things have already happened... Brooke has already posted, and I have already lost an entire post! Two important milestones for any Blogger. So here's the redo.

I think I'll start with some pics I took nearly three years ago, when I made the questionable decision to sew my own scrubs. You can see the blissfully optimistic look on my face, all, "I'm gonna be a hygienist! It's gonna be FUN!" Oh, to be young again. But when I'm in private practice (if I make it out of school alive), at least I'll get to choose some of the more non-dorky prints to make for myself.

And... speaking of dorky!

I have since scrapped this pair completely. You can't totally tell in the photo, but even though I made the XS, this pair came out with a butt the size of a barn door, and so short in the legs I had high-waters. It was like... who are they making these for? Aunt Sponge from James and the Giant Peach? That's what you get for buying used patterns from the 1980's on Ebay, I guess. But the whole idea was to make them for next-to-nothing, with material I'd bought on deep discount while working briefly at JoAnn Fabric.

My next pair came out better. I have no idea how to alter a pattern, but I cut away some of the top, lifted the crotch up off the knee area, and added some paper to the bottom. Pretty good!

I continued to adapt the pattern, and I made a purple pair (not pictured) that fit the best... They have since retained a large bleach stain, but I cover it with my scrubs jacket.

Oh, and I made a scrubs jacket!

I had never, ever sewn buttons on anything before this, and after reading some advice on the subject, I must say everything came out very well. It was also the first time I'd done french seams, which I now routinely employ. They are a hardy seam finish, and nothing ever unravels with them. You basically sew the garment right-side out, then flip it, then sew it again -- so the seams are enclosed inside.

Unfortunately, I now know that the jacket should be a size UP from your scrubs size, or its gonna be too small. It fits me perfectly, but not with something larger underneath it. But it has made a nice "back-up." And I learned a lot in making it!

As a final note on the project, if anyone out there is considering making scrubs (right), I would stay away from the material in the fabric store called "scrubs fabric." I made the first pair out of that, and it is really canvas-y and scratchy. I used the solid color, thin cotton/poly blend fabric, and it looks great right out of the dryer, but you can actually breathe in it. Also, I put in an elastic waistband instead of the pull-and-tie kind, and I love how easy they are. Who has time to tie their pants?

Just also wanted to say how excited I am about this new project... I have so many talented friends, and I can't wait to see what everyone is doing. If you know anyone else who would like to join, be sure and let me know!


Clubbs said...

Okay, while I am totally impressed with you sewing, I am distracted by the fact that this is the first time I have seen you in scrubs! You are so cute! You look like you should be on a TV show about dental scrubs, but at a dentists office. :) I admire your try, try again attitude about sewing too. I love the idea of sewing, but am not good at all at it.


nicole said...

You did a really good job altering the pattern for scrubs part deux! They actually fit almost like normal clothes, unlike most of the giant boxy tents of material you see on many scrub-wearers. Impressive!

Anonymous said...

i think you did a great job. I'm a nurse and love making my own scrubs for myself. I also make scrubs for others, but I have a box full and would like to sell them. I would love to show them to you. bsharprn