Monday, June 4, 2007

e & e

by Brooke

Some more scrapbook loving. I scrapbook chronologically because that works for me. Some folks like to jump all around a collection of pictures. I just sort of scrap as I go. Some folks do all "event-based" scrapping. Some eschew that all together...scrapping just feelings and thoughts. I do both. This lo is one of the more "thought" kinds...sprang out of how much I love this picture of the kids and what a neat little pair they are. I don't know if we will add to their party or not, so I am enjoying them as a duo right now. The 8 x 10 was printed by You can add those borders for free. I printed it on metallic paper (which is a little extra). The background is graph paper by Scenic Route. I had fun with all the little embellishment stuff around it...just pulling from my scrapbook stash and other silly little stuff I keep around (like the Curious George matching cards the kids stopped playing with and My-T-Fine pudding box) to create with. Some of the ideas were also "scraplifted" from The Look Book by Autumn Leaves---a layout by Tara Whitney in particular. Love that book.


a witt said...

Had to buy a paper cutter to help cut out a friend's wedding invitations... I thought of you, because I was thinking, "I bet Brooke has one of these..." It was handy.

Clubbs said...

Why, yes, I can't live without my little fiskars trimmer (for paper) and my Creative Memories photo trimmer. :)