Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Our Christmas Card

Sorry I haven't posted lately...I've been too busy making Christmas crafts to talk about them! Okay, and like, working and parenting too. Anyway. here are our Christmas cards this year. I actually started working on these back in July with Eva. Bob was in Texas at a workshop and we needed a good project. She helped me punch circles and stars and then stamp the inside of the cards. I think we got 10 done. Only 70 more to go...which we did in little dribs and drabs of weekend time, finishing shortly after Thanksgiving. This is a very simple idea I saw a picture of in The Look Book (scrapbooking idea book) that I made even simpler. Just free cut some triangles for the trees and trunks, punched some circles (which I stapled to the tree) and stars (which I adhered with tape runner). I made a background of patterned paper and ribbon to put the trees on and stamped "Happy Holidays!" inside. Look for one in a mailbox near you. However, it probably won't look just like this one. I made these entirely out of scraps...the leftover pieces of paper I save after making a scrapbook no two cards were really alike. It was eco-friendly, less expensive and kind of neat to see little pieces of the past year brought together for our Christmas cards!


a witt said...

I love it!

nicole said...

That card is darling! And it looks like something young kids could help with pretty easily.

I once made all our Christmas cards by hand...can't exactly remember the design, but I do remember that the thing that made the whole card was a small bead that I hot glued on to the front. After making a gazillion of these, I had them all stamped and ready to go, only to have the guy at the post office say, "We can't put that envelope though the machine. You're going to have to remove that lump from every card." I begged him to hand-cancel them, but he stood firm: "Nothing thicker than 1/4 inch on the cards!" I came home, ripped off the beads, and had to glue something I cut out of paper over the rip spot. Must say, after that whole affair, I haven't been brave enough to make Christmas cards since!

a witt said...

That's when I would have angrily driven miles out of my way to go to another post office. I've had a lot of success in my life with "try someone else." There's a guy at the Buffalo Grove post office that ooohhh... I hate that guy. I go to Wheeling. But I know "out of the way" in Washington in something completely different.

Brooke, I just received your card and it is lovely. I was also amused to note the use of the word "awesome" in the family letter no fewer than five times. Awesome.

Clubbs said...

hee. That "awesome" idea sprang from the fact that when I was proofreading, I realized I used the word "awesome" twice. I was thinking of another adjective and then decided to just embrace the awesome theme and come up with several more places to put it. It made me laugh, but I hope people got it. My sister didn't. She was like, "Why do you think you're so awesome?"