Sunday, September 28, 2008

More advanced knitting maneuvers

I learned how to knit last winter. I mastered scarves and potholders early on. Once someone showed me how to "knit in the round" and do increase and decreases stitches, I realized hats weren't too hard either. I got very brave last spring and, with the help of some videos off of You Tube, figured out how to make socks (they're pretty similar to hats until you get to the heel...that's when those fantastic You Tube videos come in handy!)

But the final frontier for me was making an actual piece of clothing. Not just accessories like scarves and socks, but something that was solely responsible for keeping me from getting arrested for nudity on the street. I really want to make a sweater that I can wear, but I figured it was better to start out small. Make all my mistakes on a baby-size sweater so I could hone my technique before moving on to an adult size. But lo and behold, my first attempt turned out pretty well! I still have to find a clip or snap of some kind to attach so the sweater can be worn closed, but besides that it's done!

This sweater is actually knit flat, starting at the bottom of the back. As you go, you knit the sleeves, then bind off the neck and finish one side of the front. After you get down to that side's hem, you pick up stitches on the other side of the neck, finish that sleeve and then knit the other side of the front. (That probably doesn't make much sense, but I swear it's a very easy way to knit a sweater.) So when you're done knitting, you still have to stitch up each side and underarm seam before it's actually wearable. Next project: a Nicole-size sweater!
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Clubbs said...

I am so amazed by knitting and crocheting. I should be able to do it, if it is genetic, because my paternal grandmother made more sweaters, afghans, booties, dishtowels, etc. than you can shake a stick at. I have tried but have never made it to the point where I could stop thinking REALLY HARD about what my fingers were doing. So, you go with your sweater-making self! Good luck on the bigger version.

nicole said...

I, too, was very amazed by anyone who could knit (and I'm still amazed by crocheting, since I can't do that yet!) Then I realized that once I had someone to show me what to do and practiced it a little, I can make a wide variety of things just knowing about 10 basic knitting stitches. I've always known how to sew, but this has opened up a whole other world of fun! Plus, this is much easier to do on the couch at night while I watch tv than sewing would be!

a witt said...

I think I will take this up at some point. I have very little patience, so it is hard for me. Sewing is easier for me because it's like you do one thing and, "Hey! That's a sleeve now!" But I really just like crocheted and knitted items. They're so snuggly.

I love the rainbow in what you made. When I was a kid I demanded that everything my mom made me be rainbow-colored like that.

Let us know how the big sweater turns out. Here's hoping you don't get arrested!!