Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cover the chair with a few layers of padding. I used about 4 or 5 layers of quilt batting, but there's probably a variety of battings, foams & padding stuff that you could find at any craft place to use for this. Just depends on how smushy you want the seat to be.

Cut a piece of fabric slightly larger than the seat, lay in all on top of each other, they break out the staple gun! I like to put a few staples on the sides across from one another before I move on to the two remaining sides. It keeps the fabric nice & straight, and it's easier to do the corners when the middle is already stapled down.

When you're all stapled, trim the fabric so you can see the holes that the chair screws are going to fit back into. Plop the top back on the chair (I find it helps to have all the screws slightly screwed up through the top of the chair so you can make sure the pad is situated properly over all 4 holes before you go screwing it all back together), and go to town!

Now I need to get to work on a tablecloth to cover up the old, scratched up table top!
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Natalie said...

Nice, Nicole! That's a much funkier print than I expected from you!

Clubbs said...

I love it! The blue and brown is great. We recovered our dining room chair covers which had looked like they could have been used on the set of "Empty Nest" a couple of years ago. Eli spilled Easter Egg dye on one and it has bothered me a little every day since. This reminds me how really easy it is. I think it's time to go fabric shopping...