Thursday, February 12, 2009

Two Silly Projects

After finishing a Very Big Knitting Project (a sweater that took me a month to complete) I needed a couple of quick instant-gratification-type projects. A "palate cleanser" if you will. I also didn't want anything I'd have to put much thought into color/type of yarn. In fact, this first project was originally going to be something that I used leftover odds & ends from past projects, until I realized that the sizes (and washability) of the various leftovers were so different, I wasn't sure how it would all come together. So I spent the $3 and bought two skeins of "peaches & cream" 100% cotton yarn to work with.

This first project is, obviously, a SWIFFER COVER (try not to be too jealous). When I showed it to a friend, she said, "Oh, I just use a dishrag on mine." Hmm...well, that would have been quite brilliant if I had figured it out. But then I might not have seen the need for this knitted swiffer cover. And I wouldn't have felt nearly as fancy while I swiff.

Quick & Easy project two was knitting cuffs onto dish gloves. Theoretically, the cuffs are supposed to catch that water that runs down your arms & into your gloves when you accidentally lift your hands out of the water at the wrong angle. I haven't tested them yet, so I'll have to report back about whether they work. But in the meantime, I'll feel much cuter than usual as I wash dishes. (It may even motivate me to stop sticking every giant pan I use in the dishwasher!)
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nicole said...

Oh man, and now I'm the jerk who posts like 4 hours after Gina and pushes her post down. What is this - 2 months with nothing and then we both get the posting bug today?

P.S. I swear my next entry will be nothing to do with knitting. Stay tuned!

Natalie said...

Hilarious. I can't believe you made the gloves!

a witt said...

Isn't that crazy?! I'm just glad you're still posting. :)

The Swiffer cover... do you use it to actually do the cleaning, then wash it... Or is it just to cover it between uses?

nicole said...

I'm an old lady at heart, but not THAT much of an old lady. These swiffer pads are functional, not just "decorative" like a toaster or toilet paper cover or something like that. :)