Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Crafty Soul Mate

You knew the quilting thing was just a short distraction, didn't you? An affair, as it were. Now I'm back with my "steady", my soul mate: knitting.

I've been working on the Ellie Dress pattern for more than a month now. It took forever because 1) I wanted to offer it in 8 different sizes. That means lots of test-knitting so I know my math is correct in all the different sizes.
2) The front of the bodice was written as a chart instead of as written instructions. This means I had 8 different charts to write to show the argyle pattern in each size. If I never see another Excel spreadsheet full of charting icons, it will be too soon.

Today my friend Melodee came over with her little girl and after some initial suspiciousness on the part of my little model, she warmed up and we got some great shots. By the way, that tattoo is totally real and not at all photo shopped onto her little arm. Can you believe that?! Anyway, I may not have eaten lunch until 2 this afternoon, but I managed to get in a photo shoot, a visit to the gym, an hour's worth of photo editing and finishing up the pattern, then writing the listings for my Etsy shop and for Ravelry. It's kind of like that army thing: "We do more before breakfast than you do all day..." or something like that.

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Natalie said...

Sounds like a lot of work!! Dress is adorable, of course!