Monday, April 2, 2007

Interior Design Secrets

I love that Ms. Gina came up with this idea of sharing creative info and projects! It's so cool to be able to share work and see what other people do on their personal time! I must admit, I don't think I'm as "projecty" as others on this post; but I will share some of my projects and post "secrets" that we interior designers use to make great spaces!

Secret 1: Make a space interesting with color! I've learned that most people are afraid of color in their homes and, as a designer, I'm here to tell you... don't be afraid! I've recently used a "trick" in a work project... multi-tonal color to achieve interest! Find 3 or 4 shades of a color and apply it to a wall in stripes or blocks in order to make a statement! Choose just one wall and paint the other three in the room with the lightest shade in your palette... It's fun, not permanant and looks really cool!
Above is a project that I recently completed in Palos Heights, IL... check out the paint job above the BIG graphic image!

This is my husband's Chiropractic office in Crystal Lake (just after painting).

Lastly, my new nephew's nursery! We used wall paper animals (a'la pottery barn kids) and painted stripes!

See... fun with paint!


nicole said...

Yay, someone who might be able to answer a question I've had burning for years: How do you paint stripes without the paint bleeding underneath the tape? I've tried stripes before and had a rough time of it because the paint bled under the tape, then parts of the paint stuck to the tape when I tried to peel it off. What was I doing wrong?

Clubbs said...

Also, is the secret to getting straight tape lines one of those laser level things? I did stripes in my daughter's room and it was truly a labor of love...
Love all your uses of color and especially your nephew's nursery by the way!


Jen said...

There are a couple of tricks...

1. To make sure your lines are straight, draw several little lines across the wall (horizontal or vertical), tick marks if you will. This is done easiest with your tape measure and a pencil. Then place your tape using the tick marks as your guide. A level will work but, I find the level to be too many tools for two hands!

2. take a metal edge of sime kind and run over your tape once it's placed. This helps to remove air bubbles from the edge which cause those "bloches" of color once the tape is removed.

3. I've found that removing the tape while the paint is still wet works best. Not what they tell you at Home Depot, Huh!

4. You can take an exact-o knife and score the wall where the tape ends. This will keep you from peeling off the stripes that you just so lovingly applied!

Those are my tricks... Hope they help! Happy Painting!