Monday, April 30, 2007

Simple Skirt

Gina: My posing is crazy dorky, but I'm just gonna get over that. It seems that when I try to take a simple picture, my natural JC Penney catalog posing instinct can't be fully suppressed.

The type of sewing, until a year or two ago, that I was most comfortable with involved sewing a straight line to another straight line. Anything that involved "easing" the fabric was avoided. Since this limits one to square curtains or square blankets (and since there is not one straight line to be found anywhere on my body), I picked up a few books and a really good iron and faced my demons: the set-in sleeve, and the attached ruffle. I got the sleeve thing down pretty good (see scrubs jacket), and after this simple skirt, I'm not afraid of a ruffle anymore, either. I gather a basting stitch in both instances, and iron well before sewing.

Yeah, so suck it, ruffle demon!

I got this fabric on deep discount, natch, and it is a nice thick linen with a one-way embroidered pattern around the base that washes and irons really well. I think it may be intended for tablecloth material, but that doesn't bother me. And spills just wipe right off. Shh'kddn.

Photo features the requisite kitty posterior, from a cat who won't leave you alone while you're trying to photograph objects, or trying to do yoga on the floor.


nicole said...

I love this skirt. If you ever sell it on eBay, I'm going to be the winning bidder!

Clubbs said...

Darling skirt! It looks so cute on you...along with that toothy shirt :)
I am very impressed that you conquered the ruffle (not to mention the sleeves of the scrubs).