Monday, August 10, 2009

Kitchen Curtains

I made kitchen curtains!

The first one is a valance, exactly like the nursery valances that I made for Ruby's room, only I didn't use the button decorations on the tab tops, and I used the apple and pear material instead of the hot air balloon material. (Same material as Nicole's pillowcase dress! I had bought it already; I'm totally NOT A COPYCAT-ER.)

kitchen curtains

Then I made one for the back door at my husband's request, because he is convinced that any number of peeping Toms are randomly jumping our back fence, getting onto our deck, and peering into the back door to take a good look at the blank wall that faces it. They MUST be deterred.

kitchen curtains

I attempted to drill a hole into the door before realizing that it's a steel door. Enter the Magna Rod: a fairly strong magnetic rod that needs no drilling. Don't buy cheaper varieties. The magnet is not as good, and the plastic is cheaper and will shatter if it falls to your granite floor. Ask me how I know that.

kitchen curtains

I sewed a very long tab onto the inside of the curtain (which is just a long strip with tubes sewed at either end), and wrapped it around when I gathered it up. Then I marked it where I wanted it, and sewed the end. Then I sewed on a button where I had marked it, and a button-hole on the tab.

This last picture is one that I took with all of the dirty dishes still in the sink. Don't judge me. (Now you know what I have to let go in order to get a sewing project done!)

kitchen curtains


Krista said...

These are super cute!

nicole said...

Very nice! I like how you used two different fabrics that weren't matchy-matchy, and they still look good together.

I think it's funny that Chris is paranoid about people looking in your windows. At our house, because we have a few giant windows in the living areas, we are always on public display. I figure if people want to look at me sitting on the couch watching tv, then they are welcome to! :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE them! You go with your valance making self.