Sunday, April 1, 2007

Spring, and time to clean!

So I know that what I am about to tell you guys isn't exactly "crafty", but we can all appreciate a good tip on how to get rid of that stain, to stop that scum, to obliterate whatever that thing is growing behind the tub, and so on. I am about to start the insane scrub down of my apartment because my instincts are telling me too. So, here are the tips.

Tub stuff:
If you have tiles in your shower, rub a half lemon all over it to help bead off the water. Not only is it a natural sealant, it smells darn good! If you have any glass, the same rain-ex that you use on your car works wonders on your shower door.

If you have any stains in your porcelain that you just cant get rid of no matter how hard you scrub, use a pumice stone.

Baking soda will get rid of all that nasty stuck on food on your pot. Just fill with water, pour in some baking soda, and let sit. No scratches!

Ice, lemon, and salt swished around in your coffee pot will remove old coffee stains and make it sparkle again.

A loofah works better then a sponge in so many ways, and doesn't get moldy because it is plastic.

Dryer sheets rock! Put them in your undie drawer, in stinky shoes, in between your pillowcase and pillow, and in your heater vents for that awesome laundry day smell!

White vinegar and newspapers clean mirrors and glass better then anything else.

Lint rollers clean dusty lampshades.

If anyone else has some tips on Spring cleaning, leave a comment. Once the house is clean, then I will start being crafty and post it! Some things to come are some really funky and strange sock monkey type dolls, making art with items you find dumpster diving, taking an old book and making it into an art journal, and any new recipe that I make that comes out yummy! Thanks for listening!



a witt said...

It might not be crafty, but it sure is creative! Thanks Katie!

I don't have any homemade ideas, but maybe now is a good time to say that my Scumbuster rechargeable is the best thing that has ever happened to my cleaning routine EVER. It cleans the tub, the sink, the grout... I LOVE IT.


Clubbs said...

I am also feeling the need to clean...washing sheets and flipping mattresses today. I am inspired by this post because I am sort of a swiffer-windex kind of girl...maybe I need to break out some lemons and vinegar. And the tip on the loofah is great. I hate that musty smell the sponges get.

Oh, but I am also a fan of the dryer sheets! I tuck them in with the towels, too.