Friday, May 18, 2007

Customized T-Shirts

Gina:Because I'm a dedicated second-hand shopper, I often come across a t-shirt that has something that I want on the front, but it will often be too ludicrously large for me (or for anyone, and often that's why it is still in the store), or it just has that boxy, "I got this tee free at an event" shape that doesn't do anything for anybody.

So this was my first attempt at customizing a shirt to look just a little more flattering on me. I loved this shirt my friend Pen gave me from In-and-Out. I love any t-shirt with a reference to food on it, but especially junk food. I don't know why, since I try not to eat that stuff.

I laid the shirt out flat, and ironed it. Then I just drew chalk marks down the side seams and the sleeves (making sure that at the narrowest part of the sleeve and the hourglass shape that it wasn't narrower than I am.) Then I cut along those lines and sewed them up. (My line wobbles a little -- you can see it in the photo -- but you can't tell when you are wearing it.) I also cut just under the ribbed neckline, cutting it out completely. I folded the edge over just once and sewed it -- with knitted material, you don't need to worry about unravelling. Then I made a single cut to just above my bustline, and I sewed a thin strip of elastic in, outstretched, to pucker it right there.

I was just modeling this shirt after my favorite t-shirt that has the piece of elastic in the bustline, but now I have purchased "Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform a T-shirt," by Megan Nicolay, and I'm excited to get started on some of those. I'll let you know if anything good comes out of it!


nicole said...

More t-shirt ideas! For some reason I have a closet full of giant tent-like shirts, and a non-tent-like torso to put them on. More! More!

a witt said...

Hee hee! Well, I will post everything just as soon as I make something else... But seriously, you should pick up that book. I linked the title to this post directly to the Amazon listing. You can benefit from my hour of scouring many other type of book listings for the best one, and I love this book. Every time I pick it up I start drooling with anticipation.

It also includes projects to make stuff you don't wear, like the t-shirt blanket. I had already set aside a couple of dozen old t-shirts for this purpose, and I was just going to wing it... but the book shows you how to do it without experimentation!! Whee!!


Clubbs said...

very cool...the book and the shirt you have already made without it! Love it.
I have several boxy give away tees. My personal favorite is one that Bob was given at a college day at JHS. It says "Dream Big! Three Rivers Community College." It's because I like to wear oxymorons.